SEA STATE Maritime School
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

  US Coast Guard Approved

Recreational boating Men and Women can be Captains. Your "sea time", the amount of time you have spent on a boat,  is the major factor in getting a USCG Captain's license. You can get credit for one day of sea time for at least 4 hours / day aboard a boat.   The boat does not have to be a commercial boat, it can be a regular boat used for family outings, fishing, etc...If you own the boat (s) you are allowed to verify your own sea time.  If you have spent time on other people's boats, the owner can verify your sea time. As little as 120 days of sea time is required for a (Limited OUPV) Captain's license. You will also have to complete a USCG approved course or take the USCG exam and complete an application to the USCG.  A "Safe Boating Course" is also required, within the last 5 years. We here at SEA STATE Maritime School can guide you through the process. Note:  If you have not had any recent sea time meaning "at least 90 days of your total required days in the last 3 years" you will have to complete  additional days to give you 90 days of "recency sea time" to make yourself current.